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Our vision began when we were still living in St. John's and dreaming of a healthier life in a rural setting. When we discovered a perfect abode nestled in the beautiful Codroy Valley, historically a primary agricultural hub for Newfoundland, our vision was soon grounded. We recognized the vast potential for growing organic food in a sustainable manner and exchanging ideas with locals and visitors on its value for human and environmental health. We realized that by combining environmentally sustainable activities, on-site entertainment, and affordability, we would be able to bring waves of travelers to this beautiful and oft-overlooked corner of the world. We therefore envision an eco-hostel that is more than just a stopover to or from the ferry, but rather a destination that travelers talk about, plan their trip around, and keep coming back to. Moreover, we want travelers to leave here feeling inspired to help make their world a happier and healthier place to live in.


Our primary focus is on sustainability and fun outdoor activities. An outhouse system is already established, with plans to add a comfortable rain-fed solar shower. Our meandering organic garden and geodesic dome greenhouse offer peaceful settings where guests can relax. We strive to use primarily non-disposable, non-mass produced, and compostable products in the hostel. We try to cut down on energy usage and promote non-electronic-based activities such as reading, hiking, bird watching, games, campfires, and crafts. In addition, we offer one tandem and two single kayaks to rent and launch right from the hostel grounds. We are working to set up solar panels and other forms of alternative energy systems, such as a bicycle-powered washing machine.


Another important aspect is to create a social and inclusive atmosphere for tourists and local residents alike. We've transformed a large two-story shed on our property into a movie theatre/lounge that also serves as a daily morning meditation space for all to enjoy. The hostel is equipped with an eclectic library and book exchange, guest kitchen, board games, and indoor & outdoor communal hangout spaces including a screen room and group-size fire pit spaces. Guests are encouraged to partake in community events such as festivals and dances. We now have a calendar of events throughout the month featuring music concerts, workshops, film screenings, farmers markets, free schools, guided hikes & bike tours, board games nights, and trivia. Future goals include a store/gallery that features local arts & crafts, an organic nanobrewery, and a music/health/nutrition/food/drink festival. We hope to bring in folks from diverse backgrounds to lead workshops on a variety of topics so please get in touch if you are interested in sharing your knowledge and passion with all of us in the Codroy Valley!


We are currently collaborating with neighbours to "common" plots of land to grow food for the community! Volunteers help cultivate food that is then available through exchange of other locally-grown food, time credit, or cash- to be redistributed back into the Commons. Let us know if you are interested in volunteering in the plot we commoned here at Bert Bark! You will be compensated with tasty organic veggies!!

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